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Philips Lumileds

The business relationship with Philips Lumileds first began when it was the Opto-Electronic Division (there's a catchy name!) of HP, in 1999. We worked with them to develop their requirements, and we created an Employee Health and Safety training software solution that has by now been in use for 13 successful years.

Last month, Philips involved us in a brand-new project, in addition to the EHS system. We're delighted to be involved.

Easley Transportation

We have now expanded our operations to include the Memphis, TN geographical area! Precision Quality Software, Inc. (PQSW) and Easley Transportation, a leading airfreight transportation provider in Memphis, TN, are working together to create a custom database focused on simplifying and automating their collections process. As it often does for qualifying clients, PQSW is funding the initial version of the software. PQSW is excited about this new venture and looks forward to a long-lasting and mutually beneficial client relationship with Easley Transportation.

University of Nevada, Reno -- Downing Clinic Scheduling Database

The Downing Counseling Clinic is a UNR-based student-run clinic for individuals, couples, and families to get low-cost counseling and therapy by students in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program. As a pro bono project, PQSW created for the clinic an online scheduling software solution, and then expanded it for commercial clients. It is stable and fast, and user satisfaction seems to be exceptionally high, even by the standards for PQSW software.

PQSW has just added some more functionality to make it easy to switch to a summer-hours schedule.

MS Windows 2008 Migration

We are working with Pyramid Logistics to migrate, to MS Windows Server 2008, the enterprise database that our team first created for them in 1998. This software continues to cheerfully be in production, making the company ever more efficient as it continues investing in yet more improvements.

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Services and Products

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Requirements Engineering Services:

  • Project Work:

    • As part of your development team, we do work on-site and off-site.
    • Example: we helped the U.S. Navy with requirements work specific to a project for Top Gun.
  • Process Improvement:

    • We can assist your organization with improving its internal requirements engineering processes.
    • Example: we helped the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office improve their requirements engineering specific to software quality attributes.
  • General Training:

    • We can train your staff on requirements engineering concepts.
    • We can tailor training for your staff's specific challenges.
  • Specific Training:

    • Requirements elicitation
    • Requirements documentation
    • Context diagramming
    • Data flow diagramming
    • Data modeling
  • Mentoring:

    • We can provide your staff with moral and operational support.
    • We can inspire by example, showing how to attack a particular problem.
    • We can advise your staff re cultural challenges.
  • Seminars:

    • We are an approved provider of Karl Wiegers' Requirements Engineering Seminars.
    • We can customize seminars for your organization's particular challenges.
  • Presentations:

    • We provide paid presenters for professional conferences.
    • We can provide a speaker with current, real-world experience to inspire your staff.

Complex Database Application Software Development:

  • Project Work:

    • As part of your development team, we can do on-site and off-site database application software development.
    • You can outsource the database application software development work to us.
  • Databases:

    • MS SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • MS Access
  • Web Integration:

    • ColdFusion
    • PHP
    • ASP
    • JSP
  • Industries:

    • U.S. Military
    • Patents & Trademarks
    • Trucking and Logistics
    • Health & Safety Training
    • Calibration Lab
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Parts Sales
    • Real Estate
    • Publishing
    • Travel
    • E-Commerce
  • Client-Side Tools:

    • Flash
    • Oracle Forms
    • Visual BASIC Forms
    • MS Access Forms
  • Business Logic:

    • Flash ActionScript
    • Oracle SQL
    • Visual BASIC
    • MS Access VBA
    • MS SQL Server User Stored Procedures
  • Specialization:

    • Complex and numerous table structures
    • Highly normalized table design
    • Formal design process
    • Formal design documentation
    • Formal design standards

Miscellaneous Services

  • Web Site Work:

    • Adding Web front ends to client-server systems
    • Custom Web site packages
  • Flash Database Integration:

    • Using ActionScript and XML
    • Data lookups
    • Data entry
    • Data maintenance
  • Adobe Captivate Authoring:

    • PowerPoint conversions
    • Quizzes
  • Operations Support:

    • Configuration documentation
    • Production support documentation
  • Vendor Software Integration:

    • Sage MAS90
    • Sage MAS500
    • ALK Technologies's PC Miler
    • Rand McNally's MileMaker
  • Financial Institution Data Imports:

    • Wells Fargo
    • Direct MerchantsBank
  • Per-Incident Paid Technical Support:

    • MS Access
    • MS SQL Server
  • Help System Authoring:

    • Content generation
    • Integration into Windows Help files


  • Requirements Engineering Productivity Tools:

    • Context diagramming tool
    • Data flow diagramming tool
    • Data modeling tool (in progress)
    • Requirements database
  • MS Access Productivity Tools:

    • Menu framework
    • Search framework
    • Browsing framework
    • Data maintenance framework
  • Affiliations with Other Companies:

    • Sage Silver Development Partner, focused on MAS200 and MAS500
    • Cabinet NG Value-Added Reseller

Hardware & Network Upgrades

  • PC Upgrades:

    • Dual-screen systems
    • Standardized hardware configurations & documentation
  • Network Upgrades:

    • Secure wireless
    • Standardized software configurations & documentation
For small projects, some of our clients prefer to pay with a company credit card, which we are happy to accept:

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