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    By "automation" we mean process improvements resulting in having software perform the tedious part of a task that a person previously had to perform manually.

    Contrary to some popular misconceptions, automation doesn't replace people. Instead, it replaces tedious, time-consuming work with more-pleasant, easier-to-perform, faster-to-do work. For example, rather than tediously entering shipment data into a mainframe system, a user might simply select a button that launches a behind-the-scenes data upload. So, this hypothetical task changes from being tedious, error-prone and requiring 15 minutes to being simple, easy, difficult to mess up, and requiring only a few seconds.

    What the manager chooses to do with the time saved depends on the economics of the business situation. Most businesses have 1,001 value-adding tasks that a good employee can do, but the employee never gets around to doing them all. With more time freed up, the employee can do more, and add more value, in the same 40-hour work-week.
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