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Jasper Reports Migration

In 2023, for an online training provider, we migrated their automated certificate-of-completion creation from the ColdFusion report builder to Jasper Reports.

eBay Order Download

In 2022, for a top-rated eBay seller, we created an automatic download of their eBay orders into a custom Microsoft SQL Server database optimized to their business processes.

Faster PDF File Creation

In 2021, for a financial management company, we added a feature to enable faster generation of the PDF report set they provide to their clients. We custom-made the original software for them in 2014.

Online Spreadsheet Extract for Seminar Business

In 2021, we added a feature for a SF Bay area company that offers professional seminars for dentists. They wanted to extract a certain subset of contact data for manipulation in MS Excel such as for making a sign-in sheet or nametags. We created the extract. We custom-made the software for them in 2018.

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Services and Products

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Requirements Engineering Services:

  • Project Work:

    • As part of your development team, we do work on-site and off-site.
    • Example: we helped the U.S. Navy with requirements work specific to a project for Top Gun.
  • Process Improvement:

    • We can assist your organization with improving its internal requirements engineering processes.
    • Example: we helped the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office improve their requirements engineering specific to software quality attributes.
  • General Training:

    • We can train your staff on requirements engineering concepts.
    • We can tailor training for your staff's specific challenges.
  • Specific Training:

    • Requirements elicitation
    • Requirements documentation
    • Context diagramming
    • Data flow diagramming
    • Data modeling
  • Mentoring:

    • We can provide your staff with moral and operational support.
    • We can inspire by example, showing how to attack a particular problem.
    • We can advise your staff re cultural challenges.
  • Seminars:

    • We are an approved provider of Karl Wiegers' Requirements Engineering Seminars.
    • We can customize seminars for your organization's particular challenges.
  • Presentations:

    • We provide paid presenters for professional conferences.
    • We can provide a speaker with current, real-world experience to inspire your staff.

Complex Database Application Software Development:

  • Project Work:

    • As part of your development team, we can do on-site and off-site database application software development.
    • You can outsource the database application software development work to us.
  • Databases:

    • MS SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • MS Access
  • Web Integration:

    • ColdFusion
    • PHP
    • ASP
    • JSP
  • Industries:

    • U.S. Military
    • Patents & Trademarks
    • Trucking and Logistics
    • Health & Safety Training
    • Calibration Lab
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Parts Sales
    • Real Estate
    • Publishing
    • Travel
    • E-Commerce
  • Client-Side Tools:

    • Flash
    • Oracle Forms
    • Visual BASIC Forms
    • MS Access Forms
  • Business Logic:

    • Flash ActionScript
    • Oracle SQL
    • Visual BASIC
    • MS Access VBA
    • MS SQL Server User Stored Procedures
  • Specialization:

    • Complex and numerous table structures
    • Highly normalized table design
    • Formal design process
    • Formal design documentation
    • Formal design standards

Miscellaneous Services

  • Web Site Work:

    • Adding Web front ends to client-server systems
    • Custom Web site packages
  • Flash Database Integration:

    • Using ActionScript and XML
    • Data lookups
    • Data entry
    • Data maintenance
  • Adobe Captivate Authoring:

    • PowerPoint conversions
    • Quizzes
  • Operations Support:

    • Configuration documentation
    • Production support documentation
  • Vendor Software Integration:

    • Sage MAS90
    • Sage MAS500
    • ALK Technologies's PC Miler
    • Rand McNally's MileMaker
  • Financial Institution Data Imports:

    • Wells Fargo
    • Direct MerchantsBank
  • Per-Incident Paid Technical Support:

    • MS Access
    • MS SQL Server
  • Help System Authoring:

    • Content generation
    • Integration into Windows Help files


  • Requirements Engineering Productivity Tools:

    • Context diagramming tool
    • Data flow diagramming tool
    • Data modeling tool (in progress)
    • Requirements database
  • MS Access Productivity Tools:

    • Menu framework
    • Search framework
    • Browsing framework
    • Data maintenance framework
  • Affiliations with Other Companies:

    • Sage Silver Development Partner, focused on MAS200 and MAS500
    • Cabinet NG Value-Added Reseller

Hardware & Network Upgrades

  • PC Upgrades:

    • Dual-screen systems
    • Standardized hardware configurations & documentation
  • Network Upgrades:

    • Secure wireless
    • Standardized software configurations & documentation
For small projects, some of our clients prefer to pay with a company credit card, which we are happy to accept:

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