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Our Position in the Market

Although we focus on several smaller niches too, our position in the custom software solution market is:

  • For department managers in large organizations who need custom database work done and
  • who are dissatisfied with internal company resources,
  • our services are a way of putting powerful IT resources under such managers' control
  • so that they're empowered to get their projects completed quickly, professionally and within budget.
  • Unlike traditional IT outsourcing vendors,
  • we have assembled a complete solution that is so industry-respected that we are paid to present about it at professional developers' conferences.

A Complete Solution

Our complete-solution approach includes:

  • Meeting with you in person, either at our offices in the Reno area, or at your location, anywhere in the U.S.
  • Establishing how team members will communicate so that misunderstandings and frustrations are minimized
  • Developing a vision and scope for the project
  • Developing detailed requirements for the project
  • Developing prototype solutions for the project
  • Developing alternate designs
  • Working with you to evaluate and choose the design that's best for you
  • Developing a basic, working, usable product first and fast, so that you've met your basic project objective
  • Transitioning to ongoing-improvements mode

Ongoing-Improvements Mode

In this mode, you identify areas of potential improvement, and do a cost-benefit analysis on each one. For each desirable option, we work on the improvements as your budget permits.

This mode never stops. Once you have a custom database, ways to use it to improve your business processes abound.

Industry-Respected Approach

Our team has refined its approach over many years. We have presented on our approach at the following professional developers' conferences:
  • Software Development Best Practices, Boston
  • Software Development West, Santa Clara
  • World Congress of Business Analysts, Orlando

Proven Results

Our team's approach has enabled us to deliver high-quality results for dozens of projects for dozens of clients, including:
  • The U.S. Navy
  • Mitsubishi
  • Philips
  • Gloria Vanderbilt
Please read about how we can help you through your company's purchasing process. Or, contact us to discuss your project with an experienced software engineer.
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