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PQS Purchasing Process

We understand how large companies function, and that convincing you that we're a good choice is only part of the process. Next, you probably need to get approval from several entities:

  • Your manager, who's providing your budget
  • The purchasing department
  • A technical resource whom your company appoints to oversee technical buying decisions
We are experienced in helping enthused prospective clients present to each of these entities, and complete the purchasing process.

Your Manager

The typical manager is very busy and mainly interested in ensuring you perform your job diligently. The sooner you deserve the green light to proceed, the happier your manager will be. So, normally, people in your position focus on that. That's often a big mistake.

This is where our experience helps you: many of our clients have run into this roadblock. A common situation that clients have experienced before coming to us is that the results of their project meet their known requirements, but not their manager’s unstated requirements. Tragically, when it’s very late in the project (i.e. when re-engineering changes are very expensive to perform), the manager suddenly takes an interest in the project and subjects it to a shakedown, submitting it to a set of unstated requirements that it probably doesn’t meet. Your project is then classified as a failure, when you thought you were doing well. These are situations we actively try to avoid. Instead, we work with you to make it clear what the software will and will not do, so that you are satisfied with the end product.

Up front is the best time to protect yourself from this. As part of asking your manager for part of their budget, get in writing what your manager’s expectations are for the project and for the system to be created during the project.

We can work with you to elicit your manager’s requirements using an effective and professional approach – and help you get the budget approved for moving forward. Not only that, but knowing your manager's expectations greatly diminishes the likelihood of your project being classified a failure later on.

The Purchasing Department

Our team has dealt with the purchasing departments of many large corporations, and we understand how they operate. We can help you work through the various hurdles and on to working on your project.

The Technical Watchdog

Our team has in-depth technical experience about software development. We’re accustomed to being scrutinized and judged, and earning the trust of technical personnel appointed to evaluate our capabilities.

Credit Cards Accepted

For small projects, some of our clients prefer to pay with a company credit card, which we are happy to accept:

Please contact us to start the process.

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