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To the extent that we have negotiated permission from our clients to show you our work, we’re happy and proud to do so. Sadly, some of our most interesting systems, such as our military work, involves sensitive information that we cannot demo.

However, we have worked on many databases over the years, and the samples we intend to show you are those that reasonably match what you’re trying to accomplish. So, there’s no standard demo or set of samples. Rather, our demo will be customized to your needs. One of our software engineers will put a demo together based on your specific project.

We typically show samples using an industry-standard remote access tool called GotoMyPC. It’s a proven product offered by a reputable company, but even so, some corporate and military firewalls disallow it. If you can’t run the GotoMyPC viewer software, our software engineers will come up with plan B that does fit your security model, even if this means interactively emailing you screen shots.

Please contact us. We look forward to showing you samples of our work.

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